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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Golden Gators of 1983

I recently was speaking to my mother about the state of the Astros, and how focusing on their minor league system, specifically through this blog, is probably beneficial for my mental health. My Astros' fandom runs deep, and I've probably already trimmed a few years off of my life by worrying about their failures.
While discussing my "sickness" and how I am dealing with it, my mom brought up the 1983 Beaumont Golden Gators. Apparently, during the 1983 season, the Astros were stinking up the joint so much, that I had a tantrum(I'd rather not reveal my age at that time), and spun my radio dial so that it moved from 740 AM(the Astros station in Houston) to 560 AM(the home of Beaumont Golden Gators baseball). As it happened, I became a big Gator fan that season, listening to the dulcet tones of, I think, Dave Hoferth(sp?). It was a magical trip for the Gators at Vincent Beck Stadium on the Lamar University campus. Led by manager Jack Maloof as well as two youngsters named John Kruk and Ozzie Guillen, the Golden Gators claimed the Texas League Championship that year, the team's first in the Golden Triangle. My parents and I actually made the trip over to Beaumont to take in a Golden Gator game at least once before they left town after the 1986 season. Of course, the Astros were back to their winning ways, so I was able to deal with not have the Golden Gators to follow.

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