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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Astros Lose one in Maine

The Astros have lost a battle in the Supreme Court of Maine. Eric Cavers, a catcher in the Astros system through 2006(drafted in 2004) took his case to the highest court of his home state. As best I can make out, Cavers had his career ended by an arm injury. However, the Astros would not pay for his medical bills since they were incurred in Maine. The Supreme Court in Portland ruled that the state's Workman's comp board has jurisdiction over the Astros in this case, and I assume the team is required to pay the bill. I have limited access to this story, but have included links to the story I read as well as the original lawsuit papers.

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trevordchi said...

Pretty weak on the Astros part. I doubt this specific situation was McLane's call but with all the penny pinching he is doing it still makes him look very bad.