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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Corpus Christi Hooks Roster

Fernando Abad-Disabled List
Doug Arguello
T.J. Burton
Jeremy Johnson
Chia-jen Lo-Disabled List
Tyler Lumsden
Jordan Lyles- Farmstros Pre-Season Pitcher of the Year
Interview with Lyles
Danny Meszaros
Matt Nevarez-Disabled List
Nelson Payano
Jailen Peguero
Erik Stiller
Henry Villar
Edwin Walker
Jared Wells

Jon Fixler- Read the Fixler Files
Lou Santangelo
J.R. Towles-Disabled List

Barry Butera
Koby Clemens
German Duran
Jhon Florentino
Wladamir Sutil
James Van Ostrand

David Cook
Jon Gaston
Jack Shuck
T.J. Steele


southpaw0831 said...

trinidad, james, hudspeth,perez,van hekken and johnson to corpus christi

farmstros said...


are you recommending this, or do you know something i don't?

southpaw0831 said...

this is what I was told

farmstros said...

Is the Johnson P Jeremy Johnson? I can't imagine it's Chris Johnson. I thought Trinidad had a shot at AAA, but the others make sense. Plus, Trinidad only spent half of last season at Corpus, so a start there makes sense too. Looks like a possible starting rotation other than Johnson.
Thanks for the info.

southpaw0831 said...

sorry, it is jeremy, both he and van hekken are in the bullpen. trinidad, perez, hudspeth, james and arguello (sp) are the starters i think.

farmstros said...

I was wondering about Arguello...