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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lexington Legends Roster

Wander Alvino
Tanner Bushue
Jose Cisnero
Kirk Clark
Luis Cruz
Robert Donovan-Inactive
Brad Dydalewicz
Zach Grimmett
Arcenio Leon
Juan Minaya
Nate Pettus-Disabled List
Colton Pitkin
Daniel Sarisky-Disabled List
Jose Trinidad
Brandt Walker

Jordan Comadena
Rene Garcia

Jose Altuve
Miguel Arrendell
Aaron Bray
Kody Hinze
Jonathan Meyer
Jio Mier- Farmstros Pre-Season Position Player of the Year
Interview with Mier
Andrew Simunic

Jacob Goebbert
Grant Hogue
Brian Kemp
J.D. Martinez


Larry McCoy said...

The Lexington roster is apparently set with the prospects on their way from Kissimmee today.
I haven't been able to confirm the players yet but on the 7th the Legends are having a meet-n-greet along with the first practice at Applebee's field.

Larry McCoy said...

the only things i have heard so far is Hacker, per his myspace, is staying in extended spring in kissimmee.

Also, Metroka thought he was heading to TriCity instead of Lexington but I hadnt heard anything in last couple weeks.

Larry McCoy said...

also, Ladeuth (p) and Fixler (c)are no longer in the organization.

Another catching prospect in Lexington might be Reinaldo Pestana who was in tri-city last year. just a thought...

farmstros said...

I didn't know about Ladeuth and Fixler. Thanks. With Fixler gone Pestana would make sense in Lexington. I guess we will see tomorrow.

farmstros said...

today Baseball America may have another batch of releases, so that might shed some more light.

farmstros said...


what's up with Fixler being on the Legends' roster?

Larry McCoy said...

Fixler decided against leaving the organization and remains an Astros prospect. He has been moved up to Corpus Christi with Jordan Comadena being the backup catcher for F. Hernandez.

Over the weekend, I saw the double-header up in Charleston versus the Power which completed the 3 game Legend sweep. Ebert Rosario is leading the SAL in batting at this time. Dydalwicz pitched 5 no-hit innings in the 2nd game with the Legends winning 13-2 after winning the first game 6-3 behind a solid outing from Ross Seaton.

I did get an update on Leandro Cespedes from T. Driskill, the Legends pitching coach. Leandro is in extended after ahving some tendinitis in his throwing shoulder. After he gets in his workout time, he looks for him to move up to Lancaster..most likely in the bullpen as we talked about the strong starters the organization is developing.

Have a Happy Easter!

Larry McCoy said...

Metroka could surprise a lot of peole. He was performing really well as the season drew to an end in Greeneville last season. I always looked at him as having a huge upside. Hopefully, he shines in this call-up.