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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Nine Questions for '09- #9


With minor league pitchers and catchers reporting tomorrow, I'd like to close out this series of nine questions for '09, by looking forward to June. June 9 and 10, Bobby Heck and his staff will be attempting to build on the 2008 draft, by selecting another crop of young talent. After the 2009 draft is completed, it will be up to the people who control the money to bring that talent into the fold.


Kelsey said...

Do you think that Heck will try to draft a player in the first that can make it to the big leagues quickly, then go with high upside high schoolers after that? That seems to be what he did last year. I think its a good idea due to the short window the big club has with Oswalt, Lee and Berkman.

farmstros said...

Great Question, Kelsey. You have as much info. as I do concerning what Heck's strategy.
I did look back at the last two drafts for Houston to hopefully gain some useful information.
In 2008, 7 of the 32 draftees they signed were high school players. Of course, the first four picks after Castro: Lyles, Austin, Davidson(decided to go to Georgia) and Seaton were high school guys. A quick comparison, in 2007 only five of 32 signees were high school age. The highest draft pick to sign out of high school was selected in the 11th round. However, Houston failed to sign three picks who were drafted out of high school high in the draft. Dietrich(3rd), Eibner(4th), and Bettis(8th). Of course in 2007, the club didn't have a first or second round pick.

It would make sense to me if they are trying to get a relatively quick hit at #1 and then taking some risk on younger guys the next few picks. It helped that last year they their full complement of picks plus two supplemental picks to boot. Perhaps that allowed for a little more risk with one or two picks early.

Just for the record in 2009, they have all their picks at #20 or #21 in the rotation, plus a supplemental pick in the third round, since they couldn't sign Chase Davidson.

Kelsey said...

I would have loved for the Astros to sign Dietrich. He has been as good as advertised at Georgia Tech last year and early this year.

farmstros said...

I had payed attention to Dietrich, but I just looked at the Ga. Tech website...he is putting up some numbers.