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Friday, April 10, 2009

A Three Day Journey From Worst First

A Three Day Journey from Worst to First(aka Don't get your golf clubs out just yet)

The season’s end was drawing near
The pennant drive was done
With just a few days left the Dukes
Had lost more than they’d won

The minor leaguers were called up
To try out for next year
A last place finish was assured
That fact was very clear.

Yet strange things happen to the Dukes, each season without fail
I’ve heard their coach in ’58 was eaten by a whale.

The Dukes came to the ballpark for their final three game ‘stand
Soon after Sunday’s final out their flights home were all planned.

But during batting practice of the Friday night game one
A word came that the Cougars had declared their season done.

The Cougars were the champions of the eight team baseball league
They clinched a week ago, but now they claimed they had fatigue.
“We find we’re just too tired” said their skipper on that day.
“We cannot carry on for even one more single day”

So just like that the Cougars slept, relinquishing their crown
Which passed on to the Zephyrs, who played games in the next town.

The Dukes thought little of this news. They played their game. They lost.
A few of them were talking of how much their golf clubs cost.

Yet, on the television at 11:43
The news was made official that one more team had to leave.

“The owner of the Zephyrs is to marry in five days.
He wants his team to be there, so the play-offs, they can’t play.”

In light of this, the Zephyrs had to pass the crown along
They couldn’t be the champions and not sing the play-off song.
They sent the title to the third place Powered Up Energy
The bloggers wondered blogging, “Just how long will THEIR reign be?”

It ended up a short one…lasting ‘til the next sunrise
The P.U.E. announced that they were giving up their prize.
“We can’t believe we’re saying this,” The Powered Up’s skipper said
“19 of our players must make sure their pets are fed.
It seems that every pet-sitter is ill or out of town
We must tend to our animals, and sacrifice our crown.”

The news had barely soaked in when the Dukes began game two
They had moved up to fifth place…still they lost 13-2.

The websites and announcers barely had the standings right
When another new announcement was made late Saturday night.

It seems the 4th through 6th place teams the Thunder, Colts, and Caps
Would be unable to pick up the top three’s title scraps.
“We just can’t open up our gates for one more game, you see”
The skipper of the Colts explained, “It’s the economy”.

It was the same for each of them, their coffers had run dry
“We cannot pay for one more game, no matter how we try.”

So Sunday morning came, the Dukes were now in second place
They only trailed the Aces in this upside down turned race.

The Dukes thought little of it, for they trailed the first place team
By seven games so passing them was nothing but a dream.

Yet, after Sunday’s game the Dukes were scratching there’s no doubt
They read on Wikipedia, the Aces had pulled out.

The Aces Field was being razed and for next year, redone.
With Aces playing on the road, construction had begun.

So while the Aces tended to their grass and brand new seats
The Dukes began to celebrate their title, oh so sweet!

The season’s end was drawing near
The pennant drive was through
The Dukes had gone from worst to first
In three games it is true.

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