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Sunday, July 12, 2009

To the Break with a rhyme

Well, the Big League All Star Break is upon us, and with the Astros in the pennant race by default, it makes me wonder what things are like in the "Farmstros House"

An Import/Export Quandry

The Farmstros are all restless
as we near the all star break
They cannot sleep.
Who knows what course the next few weeks will take?

The parent club, IT'S REALLY TRUE!, is in a pennant race
So trades may find some Farmstros playing in a different place

A surplus outfield guy or two might fetch a bullpen arm
Or maybe some one for the bench will be bought by the farm

It's the age-old July question:
Do we buy or do we sell?

An import/export quandry, which is sometimes hard to tell.

The deadline's looming largely with the 31st the day
Which Farmstros will be elsewhere and which ones will get to stay?

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