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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Keep Watching that Scoreboard

While the only relevant play-off speculation at Minute Maid Park is now whether or not Pudge Rodriguez can lead the Rangers past Red Sox into a wild card berth, thus gaining the Astros another PTBNL, thanks to Zach Levine at the Houston Chronicle for pointing out that there is still a reason for scoreboard watching... the reverse standings watch.

To put it briefly, if the Astros finish in the bottom 15 of the big league standings, they can sign a Type A Free Agent this off-season without losing a first round pick in the 2010 draft. They WILL lose a 2nd round pick in that case. At the moment, the Astros have the 13th worst record in the bigs, 3 1/2 games clear of the 16th place Cubs.

The standings through September 8, 2009

12. Milwaukee 66-72- ----
13. Houston 67-71- 1
14. White Sox 69-71- 2
15. Minnesota 69-69- 3
16. Cubs 70-67- 4.5
17. Atlanta 71-67- 5

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