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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Astros Minor League Coaching Changes Shakeout

Leave it Zach Levine at the Houston Chronicle to have the skinny on minor league coaching changes while he is allegedly on vacation. More indepth information on the 2010 coaching staff is available via the Astros website

The changes, which are mostly a trickle-down from major league staff changes:

Ed Romero- Astros bench coach to Greeneville manager
Rodney Linares- Greeneville manager to Lexington manager
Tom Lawless- Lexington manager to Lancaster manager
Wes Clements- Lancaster manager to Corpus Christi manager
Luis Pujols- Corpus Christi manager to released from the organization

Mark Bailey- Astros bullpen coach to Corpus Christi batting coach
Keith Bodie- Corpus Christi batting coach to Round Rock batting coach
Ron Jackson- Round Rock batting coach to released from the organization

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