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Friday, May 29, 2009

Astros minor league video for June

With June closing in, here's a schedule of games for the month that are available online or on your television.

Unless otherwise noted, video of the following is available on The fee for a month of video access is $6.95. Free audio of Lexington, Lancaster, and Corpus Christi is also available there. Round Rock's audio is available through their website.

Round Rock
June 6- at Iowa(7:05 all times Central)
June 7- at Iowa(1:05)
June 8- at Iowa(7:05)
June 9- at Iowa(12:05)
June 11-14- vs. Albuquerque(7:05)(FREE at RR website)
June 18-21- vs. New Orleans(7:05)(FREE at RR website)
June 23- at Oklahoma City(7:05)
June 24- at Oklahoma City(11:05 am)
June 25-26- at Oklahoma City(7:05)
June 27-30- vs. Iowa(7:05)(FREE at RR website)(June 28 game on Fox Sports SW)

Corpus Christi
June 22- vs. San Antonio(7:05)(This game is on Fox Sports SW)
June 25- vs. San Antonio(7:05)(This game is on Fox Sports SW)

June 1- vs. Augusta(6:05)
June 5-6- vs. Greenville(6:05)
June 7- vs. Greenville(6:05)
June 8-10- vs. Asheville(6:05)
June 16- vs. Bowling Green(6:05)
June 17- vs. Bowling Green(11:05 am)
June 18- vs. Bowling Green(6:05)
June 25-27- vs. Bowling Green(6:05)
June 28- vs. Bowling Green(1:05)

2009 Draft Class

Round by Round results of the Astros 2009 Draft

1(21st over-all) Jiovanni Mier, SS, High School(CA), Lancaster-Disabled
2(69) Tanner Bushue, RHP, High School(IL), Extended Spring
3(100) Telvin Nash, OF, High School(GA), Lancaster
3S(111) Jonathan Meyer, 3B, High School(CA), Lancaster
4(131) B.J. Hyatt, RHP, JUCO(South Carolina-Sumter, Disabled
5(161) Brandon Wikoff, SS, University of Illinois, Corpus Christi
6(191) Enrique Hernandez, SS, High School(American Military Academy), Lancaster
7(221) Dallas Keuchel, LHP, University of Arkansas, Oklahoma City
8(251) Brandt Walker, RHP, Stanford, Released
9(281) Ben Orloff, SS, UC-Irvine, Lancaster
10(311) Erik Castro, 3B, San Diego St., Lancaster
11(341) David Williams, C, JUCO(Crowder College), Released
12(371) Geoffrey Thomas, RHP, High School(Georgia), Unsigned
13(401) Jake Goebbert, OF, Northwestern, Corpus Christi
14(431) David Berner, LHP, San Jose St., Released
15(461) Ryan Humphrey, OF, JUCO(St.L. Community College-Merrimack), Released
16(491) Ronald Sanchez, 1B, High School(Puerto Rico), Released
17(521) Justin Harper, RHP, Oklahoma City Univ., Released
18(551) James MacDonald, RHP, Boston College, Released
19(581) Brian Kemp, OF, St. John's Univ., Released
20(611) Julio Martinez, OF, Nova Southeastern Univ., Houston
21(641) Barry Butera, 2B, Boston College, Released
22(671) Mark Jones, RHP, High School(PA), Released
23(701) Robert Donovan, RHP, Stetson, Released
24(731) Mike Modica, LHP, George Mason, Released
25(761) Nicholas Stanley, 1B, Fla. Southern College, Released
26(791) Matthew Watson, 1B, High School(FL), Unsigned
27(821) Aaron Bray, 3B, UNC-Charlotte, Released
28(851) Eric Anderson, RHP, High School(CO), Unsigned
29(881) Garen Wright, OF, High School(OK), Extended Spring
30(911) Brandon Petite, RHP, High School(Canada), Unsigned
31(941) Travis Smink, LHP, VMI, Released
32(971) Gregory Peavy, RHP, Oregon St., Unsigned
33(1001) Brenden Stines, RHP, Ball St., Released
34(1031) Scott Migl, RHP, Texas A&M, Released
35(1061) Jackson Hogue, OF, Mississippi St., Lancaster
36(1091) Tyler Saladino, SS, JUCO(Palomar College), Unsigned
37(1121) Raul Rivera, RHP, High School(PR), Extended Spring
38(1151) Sean Barksdale, OF, Temple Univ., Released
39(1181) Rory Young, RHP, High School(Canada), Unsigned
40(1211) Daniel Sarisky, RHP, Oglethorpe Univ., Released
41(1241) Carlos Escobar, C, High School(CA), Unsigned
42(1271) Ivory Thomas, OF, High School(CA), Unsigned
43(1301) Anthony Tzamtizis, RHP, High School(FL), Unsigned
44(1331) Michael Schurz, RHP, Univ. of Iowa, Released
45(1361) Adrian Morales, 2B, JUCO(Miami Dade South), Unsigned
46(1391) Justin Gonzalez, SS, High School(FL), Unsigned
47(1421) Matthew Branham, RHP, South Carolina-Upstate, Unsigned
48(1451) Steven Rodriguez, LHP, High School(FL), Unsigned
49(1481) Matthew Smith, 1B, Univ. of Mississippi, Unsigned
50(1511) Spencer Hylander, LHP, Okla. Baptist Univ., Released

Dominican Season Opens on Saturday

The Astros DSL team begins their 66-game season Saturday. The DSL Astros will open at 10:30 D.R. time against one of the Rangers' teams.

Astros Draft in Review- 2006

The 2009 Draft(June 9-10) is less than two weeks away. Today a look at the class of 2006.

Upcoming Schedule

June 5- 2007
June 8- 2008

2006 Draft Class

with Round Rock
Chris Johnson, 3B
Bud Norris, RHP

with Corpus Christi
Casey Hudspeth, RHP
Sergio Perez, RHP
Chris Salamida, LHP
James Van Ostrand, OF

with Lancaster
Bryan Hallberg, RHP
Nick Moresi, OF
Chad Wagler, RHP

NOTE: Catcher Max Sapp, who is currently recovering from meningitis was also drafted in 2006.

As the Astros prepare to feed their farm system in the draft, Farmstros encourages you to feed the hungry of Houston with the May 2009 Win-a-thon to support the Houston Food Bank.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Farmstros Five- Week Seven

Lexington was the only affiliate with a winning record this week. The Legends went 4 and 3(23-22, over-all); Round Rock was 3 and 3(20-26); Corpus Christi went 1 and 5(19-23); Lancaster was 1 and 5(13-32).

The Farmstros Five for the week of May 20-26

Farmstros Performer of the Week:

Yorman Bazardo, RHP, Round Rock. Bazardo picked up two of Round Rock's three victories for the week as he continued his solid starting work. In two starts, he pitched 15 innings allowing one earned run and eight hits while striking out 10.

The other Four:

Bud Norris, RHP, Round Rock. Norris allowed one run and four hits and striking out five in his 6 2/3 inning start.

Marques Williams, OF, Lexington. Williams went 10 for 23 with one double and three RBI.

Jason Castro, C, Lancaster. Castro went 8 for 24 with four doubles, one home run and six RBI.

Henry Villar, RHP, Lexington. Villar pitched 6 1/3 scoreless in two relief appearances.

2008 Draftee Released

Chase Lehr, RHP became the first member of the Astros 2008 Draft Class to be released. Lehr, 21, was selected in the 49th Round last June. He was the latest pick that the Astros signed. He pitched seven games last summer for Tri-City posting a 6.52 ERA in 9 2/3 IP.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Products of the Caribbean- Part I

The Dominican Summer League season begins Sunday for the Astros affiliate. With the closing of Houston's Venezuelan Academy, the Dominican team is the only Caribbean squad remaining. 19 of the players currently playing from Houston to Lexington are products of the Caribbean part of the organization. NOTE: a number of Caribbean players will be on the Astros three short-season teams in June. When those rosters are finalized we will point out which of those players are from the Caribbean as well.

Felipe Paulino, RHP(2004, Dominican Republic)
Wandy Rodriguez, LHP(1999, Dominican Republic)

Sammy Gervacio, RHP(2002, Dominican Republic)

Doug Arguello, LHP(2001, Nicaragua)
Jhon Florentino, IF(2003, Dominican Republic)
Wladamir Sutil, IF(2003, Venezuela)
Polin Trinidad, LHP(2002, Dominican Republic)

Fernando Abad, LHP(2002, Dominican Republic)
Leandro Cespedes, RHP(2005, Domincan Republic)
Jose Duran, RHP(2004, Dominican Republic)

Ricardo Bonfante, IF(2005, Colombia)
Steve Brown, OF(2003, Colombia)
Jorge DeLeon, IF(2006, Dominican Republic)
Pedro Gonzalez, C(2004, Venezuela)
Federico Hernandez, C(2006, Venezuela)
Arcenio Leon, RHP(2005, Venezuela)
Ronald Ramirez, IF(2003, Colombia)
Ebert Rosario, IF(2005, Dominican Republic)
Henry Villar, RHP(2005, Dominican Republic)

Links to Lo

Thanks to a poster on Spikes n Stars here's a link to Chia-jen Lo's blog. It is in Chinese, but Google will translate it for you. The jist of his most recent post is that he is on the disabled list, but it is just an issue of fatigue and Corpus having too many pitchers at the moment.

Also, the current Minor League Report in the Houston Chronicle is mostly about Lo.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Jose Lopez visits Minute Maid Park

I happened to see Monday's Houston Chronicle. According to the Astros notes, minor league catcher Jose Lopez visited Minute Maid Park Sunday. According to the blurb, Lopez who spent last season in Corpus Christi suffered an brain aneurysm prior to spring training and is recovering.

Astros Drafts in Review-2005

The 2009 draft is two weeks from tomorrow(June 9 and 10). Following is the next installment in a look at Astros' drafts of the past...

May 25-2005
May 29-2006
June 5- 2007
June 8- 2008


with Round Rock
Eli Iorg, OF(1st Round)
Brian Bogusevic, OF(1st Round)
Tommy Manzella, SS(3rd Round)
Chris Blazek, LHP(23rd Round)

with Corpus Christi
Josh Flores, OF(4th Round)
Mark Ori, 1B(14th Round)

with Lancaster
Koby Clemens, C(8th Round)
Reid Kelley, RHP(33rd Round)

with Lexington
Brandon Barnes, OF(6th Round)

NOTE: T.J. Steele, OF, Lancaster was drafted in 2005 by Houston out of high school. However, Steele opted to go to the University of Arizona. Houston drafted him again last summer.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Moving on Up?

With June just around the corner, I am curious to see if any minor league players are promoted to the next level for the second half of the season.

A few possibilities:

Bud Norris, RHP, Round Rock. Norris has 2.72 ERA in eight starts. He is not on the 40-man roster, but I wonder if he would get a look for a start or two if Hampton has another encounter with a bar of soap.

Polin Trinidad, LHP, Corpus Christi. Trinidad just threw a complete game for Corpus and has a 3.34 ERA in 35 innings. He was called up to Corpus Christi at the 2008 mid-point. Other than Norris, Round Rock doesn't have any starters to block Trinida's progression.

Jason Castro, C, Lancaster. Castro is .267 with five home runs and 27 RBI so far in California. I will be interested to see how aggressive the Astros are with him.

Bryan Hallberg, RHP, Lancaster. Hallberg spent all of last season at High A Salem with a 2.68 ERA. So far this season, he has a 3.08 ERA in 26 1/3 IP out of the bullpen. He may be following Chia-jen Lo and Daniel Meszaros to Whataburger Field.

Robert Bono, Kyle Greenwalt, and Ross Seaton, RHP, Lexington. These three have been steady so far. Plus, Ed Wade made some comments on KTRH about Lexington pitchers moving up soon.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Astros Drafts in Review... 1996-2004

With the 2009 draft less than two weeks away(June 9 and 10), I will be going through past drafts providing a look at who is left in the Astros' organization from each one.

1996-2004- May 21
2005- May 25
2006- May 29
2007- June 5
2008- June 8


Roy Oswalt, RHP(1996)
Lance Berkman, 1B/OF(1997)
Chris Sampson, RHP(2000)-Sampson was originally drafted as an infielder.
Hunter Pence, OF(2004)

Round Rock
Ryan McKeller, RHP(2002)
Mark McClemore, LHP(2002)-Disabled List
Josh Mueck,LHP(2003)
Edwin Maysonet,IF(2003)
Mark Saccomanno,IF(2003)
J.R. Towles, C(2004)
Lou Santangelo, C(2004)
Evan Englebrook, RHP(2004)

Corpus Christi
Mitch Einertson, OF(2004)
Brad James, RHP(2004)

Brad Lidge, RHP(1998)to acquire Michael Bourn and Geoff Geary
Eric Bruntlett, IF(2000) to acquire Michael Bourn and Geoff Geary
Chad Qualls, RHP(2000) to acquire Jose Valverde
Chris Burke, IF(2001) to acquire Jose Valverde
Matt Albers, RHP(2001) to acquire Miguel Tejada
Troy Patton, LHP(2004) to acquire Miguel Tejada
Jordan Parraz, OF(2004) to acquire Tyler Lumsden
Drew Sutton, IF(2004) to acquire Jeff Keppinger

As the Astros prepare to feed their farm system in the draft, Farmstros encourages you to feed the hungry of Houston with the May 2009 Win-a-thon to support the Houston Food Bank.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dydalewicz Takes mound for Legends

Brad Dydalewicz makes his first start in almost a month for Lexington tonight at Charleston. Dydalewicz last pitched April 23 before going on the disabled list. In his first three starts, he pitched 17 innings and allowed one unearned run. Audio of his return is available at Lexington's website at 6:05 pm(Central Time).

Farmstros Five 2009- Week Six

Ouch! The Astros farm teams had their worst week of the season to this point. Corpus Christi was 2 and 3(18-18) over-all; Lancaster was 2 and 5(12-27); Round Rock was also 2 and 5(17-23); Lexington came in at 1 and 5(19-19).

The Farmstros Five for the week of May 13-19, 2009

Farmstros Top Performer of the Week

Polin Trinidad, LHP, Corpus Christi. Trinidad threw a complete game seven-hitter with six strikeouts in his only start.

The other four:

Jordan Lyles, RHP, Lexington. Lyles pitched 12 innings in two starts. He gave up seven hits and one earned run, while striking out 17.

Leandro Cespedes, RHP, Lancaster. Cespedes pitched nine innings and allowed seven hits and two runs, in one relief appearance and his first start of the season.

Tommy Manzella, SS, Round Rock. Manzella was 11 for 32 for the week with three doubles, one triple, one home run and two RBI.

J.R. Towles, C, Round Rock. Towles had the game-winning home run in one of Round Rock's two wins. He ended the week 6 for 16 with one home run and seven RBI.

DSL Astros Roster





Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Norris pitches-Video available

Bud Norris is starting for Round Rock at Sacramento Tuesday afternoon. The game began at 1:35 Central Time. If you have the video package, video is available at

Audio is available at Sacramento's website

Norris' mound opponent is Chad Reineke.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Slew of Moves

The Astros made a total of 12 moves Friday/Saturday. A few highlights:

Chris Johnson, 3B back to Round Rock after rehabbing at Lancaster.
Chia-jen Lo, RHP promoted from Lancaster to Corpus Christi.
Daniel Meszaros, RHP promoted from Lexington to Corpus Christi.

Access all the team's transactions at the transactions page. Recent moves are in bold.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A few Links of Note

This link includes a total of eleven clips of Astros prospects, Chia-jen Lo, Jack Shuck, Jason Castro, and Jonathan Gaston.

Also, Baseball America had a blog post on the "Legendary" starting rotation at Lexington.

Farmstros Five 2009- Week Five

The Hooks had the only winning record in the system this week going 4-3(16-15 over-all). Otherwise, Round Rock was 3-4(15-18); Lancaster was 2-4(10-22); and Lexington was 1-5(18-14).

The Farmstros Five for the week of May 6-12, 2009:

Farmstros Top Performer of the Week

Jonathan Gaston, OF, Lancaster. Gaston started the week with a five-hit, three homer game on Wednesday. His totals for six games: 14 for 23, three doubles, two triples, three home runs, and 12 RBI.

The Other Four

Doug Arguello, LHP, Corpus Christi. Arguello had the first complete game for Corpus Christi in almost two seasons. Over-all, he pitched 15 innings, allowed three earned runs and struck out 11.

Bud Norris, RHP, Round Rock. Norris didn't allow an earned run and struck out five while allowing four hits in 6 2/3 IP in his only start of the week.

Casey Hudspeth, RHP, Corpus Christi. Hudspeth joined with Arguello to give the Hooks two complete games in one week. He allowed nine hits and two runs in his start.

Brian Bogusevic, OF, Round Rock. Bogusevic went 10 for 21 with four doubles, one home run, and five RBI.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Farmstros Draft Countdown- Part III

With the draft just four weeks away(June 9), I recently came across a few interesting pieces of information about some changes in how the Astros are developing recent draft picks. I am curious to see how these changes will play out over time...


Ed Wade was on KTRH in Houston Monday night. I didn't hear the interview, but apparently he mentioned that several of Lexington's young pitchers will be heading to Lancaster soon. Seaton? Lyles? It doesn't look like the Astros are wasting time moving draft picks(or at least these draft picks) through the system.


Doug Arguello and Casey Hudspeth both threw complete games for Corpus Christi in the last week. An article on Hudspeth's game in the Corpus paper mentioned that the higher ups in the Astros organization have called for a change in philosophy with no pitch counts.

As the Astros prepare to feed their farm system in the draft, Farmstros encourages you to feed the hungry of Houston with the May 2009 Win-a-thon to support the Houston Food Bank.

Friday, May 8, 2009

New Farm Report Available

This week's Farm Report includes Arguello's complete game and Gaston's second three home run game.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lexington Day Game... FREE AUDIO

Lexington is playing a day game at the Rome Braves today. As I post, they have finished six an trail 1-0. Jordan Lyles has pitched six and allowed the one run. My guess is he's done for the day after six, but the audio is available here.

Video of Drew Locke

Channel 6 in Corpus Christi had the following story on Hooks outfielder Drew Locke.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Gaston Hits Three Again

Jonathan Gaston hit three home runs for Lancaster Wednesday night. It was the second time this season that Gaston has hit three home runs in a game. During the opening week of the season, Gaston and teammate Brian Pellegrini both hit three home runs in the same contest.

Farmstros Five 2009- Week Four

Lexington led the way with six wins as they stayed in first place in the South Atlantic League's Northern Division. The Legends went 6 and 1 and 17-9 over-all. Round Rock went 5-1(12-14); Corpus Christi was 4-2(12-12); Lancaster struggled to 1 and 5(8-18).

For the week of April 29- May 5, 2009

The Farmstros Five Top Performer of the Week:

Ebert Rosario, IF, Lexington. Rosario was 12 for 24 with two doubles, one triple, three home run, nine RBI and seven runs scored.

The Other Four:

Jeff Icenogle, LHP, Lancaster. Icenogle pitched 8 2/3 innings allowing four hits and no runs in his only start of the week.

Yordany Ramirez, OF, Round Rock. Ramirez went 11 for 26 with three doubles, two home runs an six RBI>

Alberto Arias, RHP, Round Rock. Arias pitched six scoreless innings allowing four hits and no runs while striking out nine.

Kyle Greenwalt, RHP, Lexington. Greenwalt pithced six scoreless innings allowing two hits and no runs.

Farmstros Draft Countdown- Part II

With the draft less than five weeks away(June 9 and 10), I was curious about how many players may have to be released to make room for the new talent which will join the Astros organization this summer. According to the Farmstros database, there are 239 players in the system from Minute Maid Park down through recent Latin American signees. 140 of those players are full-season rosters, disabled lists, inactive lists, or restricted lists. This leaves 99 players currently under the team's control who are awaiting the short-season summer leagues. The total roster maximums of the four clubs which the Astros will be fielding this summer(Tri-City, Greeneville, GCL Astros, and DSL Astros) is 135 players. This means the club could add on 36 players through the draft and have room to fit everybody somewhere.

As the Astros prepare to feed their farm system in the draft, Farmstros encourages you to feed the hungry of Houston with the May 2009 Win-a-thon to support the Houston Food Bank.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Astros Minor League Games on video for May

Live video of 16 Round Rock games and 11 Lexington games are available the remainder of May.

The Lexington games and the Round Rock road games require a fee of $6.95 for the whole month, which includes access to archives as well. Round Rock's home games(12) are available at the club's website for FREE.

NOTE: As best I can tell, live audio of all games is available for free Round Rock at their website; the other team's through

The schedule

Round Rock
8- vs. Oklahoma(7:05 all times Central) FREE
9- vs. Oklahoma(7:05)FREE
10-vs. Oklahoma(2:05)FREE
11-vs. Oklahoma(12:05) FREE
16- at Sacramento(9:05)
17- at Sacramento(3:05)
18- at Sacramento(9:05)
19- at Sacramento(1:35)
21- vs. Colorado Springs(7:05) FREE
22- vs. Colorado Springs(7:05) FREE
23- vs. Colorado Springs(7:05) FREE
24- vs. Colorado Springs(2:05) FREE
25- vs. Salt Lake(7:05) FREE
26- vs. Salt Lake(7:05) FREE
27- vs. Salt Lake(7:05) FREE
28- vs. Salt Lake(7:05) FREE

11- vs. Charleston(6:05)
12- vs. Charleston(6:05)
13- vs. Charleston(6:05)
14- vs. Charleston(6:05)
15- vs. Savannah(6:05)
16- vs. Savannah(6:05)
17- vs. Savannah(1:05)
18- vs. Savannah(9:05 am)
29- vs. Augusta(6:05)
30- vs. Augusta(6:05)
31- vs. Augusta(1:05)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Rough Times for the 2007 Draft Class

The much-maligned 2007 Astros draft class has taken a few more hits.

36th Round Pick Albert Cartwright suffered a broken hand Sunday, and will be out for several weeks. Cartwright had been one the highlights of the Lexington offense, batting .316.

16th Round Pick Devon Torrence, OF, who has struggled in two seasons at Greeneville is reportedly considering focusing solely on the cornerback job at Ohio St.

Finally, 31st Round Pick Jason Dominguez , RHP was released from Lancaster.

The release of Dominguez leaves only 15 players in the system from the 2007 draft.

Watch Bud Norris On your computer

Bud Norris is scheduled to start tonight in New Orleans at 7 pm Central Time. You can view the game for a fee($6.95 a month). Round Rock's audio of the game is available at their website for no cost.

Friday, May 1, 2009

May 1 Farmstros Farm Report

The May 1 Farmstros Farm Report is available. It includes April statistical leaders.

Farmstros Draft Countdown

The draft is June 9 less than six weeks away. Three years ago, the Astros gobbled up Bud Norris in the sixth round. Norris has rocketed through the system, finding himself at AAA Round Rock in this his third full season. Through April Norris has a 2.28 ERA with 25 strikeouts in 23 2/3 innings. Additionally, in his last two starts, Norris has thrown over 100 pitches after starting the year on a pitch count.

As the Astros prepare to feed their farm system in the draft encourages you to feed the hungry of Houston with the May 2009 Win-a-thon to support the Houston Food Bank.