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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Fixler Files Post #1

The latest from Farmstro Spring Training Correspondent, Jonathon Fixler:

March 9, 2010 10:12 P.M. from Kissimmee, Florida

I know there has been a lot of talk about The Fixler Files, the buzz is spreading far past camp. I actually heard they did a piece on ESPN2 in regards to this blog. A lot of the guys in the locker room have been giving me a rough time concerning The Fixler Files, and with the anticipation at an all time high now seems like the ideal time to post my first entry. Let me first begin by saying thanks to Mike for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts and ideas with you the reader. In my mind the goal of the blog is to give you an inside look to the life of a minor league baseball player. With life on the field, in the locker room, and at the hotel, spring training is a compelling, overwhelming, and significant month in our lives.
The anticipation upon arrival to camp this year has been growing all off-season. Being from Chicago, and not having seen a ball travel farther than thirty feet into a net, I was undoubtedly excited to get back on the field. I spent the off-season training at EFT Sports Performance. The guys there do an extraordinary job training athletes from professional teams such as the Chicago Bearsand Bulls, but also have enough time for a lone minor leaguer. I catch and throw at Slammers in Lake Forest, IL. Todd Fine and the rest of the people there are not only good friends but also have a tremendous business and exceptional facilities. After that I would meet up with Mark Ori, a Corpus Christi Hooks first basemen, to get some swings in. (Side note, more than one time Mark showed up to hit in black dress socks.) Anyways with spring training approaching, working out inside was becoming exponentially difficult. As I would be driving through a foot of snow to hit in a freezing cage I would be on the phone with Craig Corrado telling me how he was hitting every day on the field with a handful of big name Major League players at the University of Tampa. Ori is a good guy and a great friend but he and I both know I would rather hit with B.J. Upton and Ryan Howard than some kid from Northwestern.
As spring training approaches every single player can't help playing GM in their minds. Where am I going this year? How are the cards going to fall? What do the managers think of me? And although nobody knows the answers everyone still drives themselves insane. I try to not do this but when you are laying in bed at night there is only one thing on your mind and that is thinking about the upcoming season. Truth be told though, things have a way of taking care of themselves. If I go out to practice every day, prepare well, work hard, and compete, I am going to put myself in the best position possible when camp breaks in April. I could speculate with what the Astros want me to do or the type of player they think I am but that would be merely a hypothesis. The best policy is to play as though every day is your last and truly enjoy the game, after that its out of you hands.

Here are a few clips about the guys you might like (without getting too personal):

Phil Disher will now be referred to only as Bronco
VO had the honor of carrying the torch through his home town in Canada for the 2010 winter games
Brian Esposito is not Mike "the situation" from the Jersey Shore
Jordan Powell watches "The Bachelor" while eating pudding and bananas that his wife prepares for him
Drew Locke not only is the batting champion from the Texas League but is also the president of the "One Tree Hill" fan club
Colin DeLome doubles as the Crocodile Hunter in the off season an now owns a Zonkey, although I still don't quite follow what that is or does
Brian Pellegrini could crush me into a paste so I am going to leave him alone. I hope he has a great season, and I remain on his good side
Drew Meyer logged more hours of "Call of Duty" this off-season than I did hours slept

In the next few days I will post another entry giving you my input on guys I have caught, how hitters look, a more on the field behind the scenes look into Spring Training 2010.

Finally, this is the first blog I have ever written and if there is anything I didn't write about or you would want me to discuss than just let us know. Being a rookie at this I in no way consider myself an expert and this is for you guys not me. Thanks and hope you all enjoyed the first post.

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David Coleman said...

This is a great stuff, Jonathan. Thanks to both you and Mike for setting this up!

street said...

Awesome post. Thanks Jonathon for writing this, and to Mike for setting it up. Good luck to you this year!

gps said...

atta a boy jonathon. great blog and an extra benefit. now more people will know how to spell your first name.


Snake Diggity said...

Great 1st post!

dba4000 said...

jonathon, its your cousin david abrams

this is sweet. looking forward to more posts.