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Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Fixler Files- Post #2

March 13, 2010 11:09 P.M. from Kissimee, Florida

The other day I received a phone call from my Mom exuberantly telling me how much she LOVED reading my first post and how great it was! She also told me in kindergarden that my macaroni drawings were the best, and realistically we both knew that was untrue. Joanna McConnell made the best drawings and everyone knew that! Therefore, I can not take her review of my work seriously any longer. However, I was the best at color-by-numbers and that is a fact. On a more serious note I hope you all enjoyed my first entry and will approve of this one as well.
Well, we are over a week into things here in Kissimmee at spring training 2010 and everything is going great. Today marked the last day of live bullpen sessions where the hitters face the live pitchers. This is a prime opportunity for the guys at the plate to get readjusted to the speed of the game along with the pitcher to see a hitter in the box. Being a catcher, I have not had the chance to take any swings off the pitchers because we are needed constantly in the bullpen and on the field. For instance, today each catcher caught somewhere in the range of 9-12 bullpens. Each session is ten minutes long, so you do the math (12 bullpens X 10 minutes = extremely sore legs and a soak in the cold tub).
By and large, I have been exceedingly impressed with a lot of the guys I have caught. As I am making an attempt to recall guys I have caught I am realizing that it has all felt like one big blur behind the plate in the pen. In spite of the fact, I know you want to hear how guys look so I will do my best to appease you. This afternoon, one of the pens I caught was for Tyler Lumsden. He appears to be at full strength (last years suffering from some arm soreness) and with his clean bill of health he is throwing with greater velocity, had great control over his off speed pitches, and seems to be right on track for the season. The first day of live batting practice I was extremely impressed with Chris Salamida. In the past year Sal has changed his arm slot to throw from underneath, and it is apparent he has grown more comfortable, having become more precise with the location of his fastball and increased the depth on his slider. I have caught Jordan Powell and Sergio Perez twice each. While having similar pitching styles with aggressive approaches on the mound, these two guys should both be expecting to have tremendous years. Jordan is throwing with increased velocity this year, while Sergio seems to have taken to the motto of less is more on the mound and looks smooth and easy in his delivery. This has allowed for him to be able to command his pitches better and really stay behind that quality slider of his. Other guys I have caught and seen considerable things from include David Duncan, Ross Seaton, Wander Alvino, Kyle Greenwalt, Shane Wolf, Jeremy Johnson, and T.J. Burton... Read the entire post #2 in Google Docs

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