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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fixler Files Post #3

April 1, 2010 8:42 P.M. from Kissimmee, Florida

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First of all I would like to apologize for the delay in my posts. The last couple weeks have been insanely frantic between having visitors in town, close friends getting released, and rosters being set. Last week, my sister Andi and her friends spent the week in Orlando. Even though they only came to the complex once we had a tremendous time and it's always gratifying to see friendly faces during this hectic stage of spring training.
Rosters were set yesterday after practice for where we will begin the 2010 season. One would have a better chance of overturning the recent health care bill than entering the locker room when those rosters go up on the bulletin board. Undoubtedly there will be a lot of mixed emotions floating through the locker room as guys slowly skim the names on the list until they pinpoint theirs. Some people are beaming with excitement, some are dispirited, and some are indifferent, but everyone is enthusiastic to get the season underway. I myself was in a state of shock when I saw my name once again in the Lexington Legends column. I knew that there was a chance I could end up on that team, but considering my line of work over the last two years and what the Astros have asked of me, I did not actually presume it was going to come to fruition. However, saying that, I am excited about what going to Lexington will entail. Hopefully, it means that I will see an increase in playing time and a chance to prove that I can play the game on a consistent basis. Also, Lexington is a place in which I am comfortable. Spending the majority of the 2008 season there I will not be facing any surprises in the South Atlantic League. Nevertheless, most importantly the Lexington team is full of outstanding young ballplayers and has a coaching staff that will 100% equal a successful season. Players such as David Duncan, Jiovanni Mier, Jake Goebbert, Jonathan Meyer, Rene Garcia, the list goes on for a total of 25 guys.
I know there were only 3 posts during spring training. With the crazy schedule and me wanting to put out a quality product it was difficult to find ample time to write. During the season I am going to continue writing the blogs, with more regularity, as it is much easier to find time. Thanks so much for all of your support and hopefully the Astros, both in the major leagues and in the farm system, will have a remarkable season.

Here are a few clips about the guys you might like (without getting too personal):
Drew Locke has played in more major league spring training games than minor league games
Danny Meszaros cut my hair 29 minutes ago in the hotel
Sergio Perez could probably eat 9 breakfast taquitos from La Bahia in under 20 minutes
Mark Ori's nickname is Moose, just ask Delome
Jordan Comadena spends more time each day rearranging his nicknacks and putting tape on his body than it would take him to finish a 5,000 piece puzzle
T.J. Steele has already torn 17 pairs of batting gloves off his hands and mutilated 6 helmets against the dugout railing
J.B. Shuck's car apparently looks like it was "set on fire" and is "missing the glaze"
John Gaston took his shirt off at dinner to show my sister and her friends his tattoos... this actually happened in real life

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Ray ray said...

I'm glad you came to Lexington. You and the guys make Field of Dreams much more enjoyable. Hope Lexington is good to all of our Legends. Keep blogging :-)