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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Shuck and Lyles Talk, Perhaps Barret Loux should Listen

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Shortly after the deadline had passed for teams to sign their 2010 draftees, it was announced that former Stratford High School and Texas A&M pitcher Barret Loux would become a free agent on September 1, 2010. Loux was on the Astros' draft board until being picked sixth overall by the Diamondbacks, and both Zach Levine and Brian McTaggart have reported that the Astros are at least doing their due diligence in considering whether or not to make an offer to Loux. It is fair to assume that the Astros are not the only team doing so.

While considering the possibility of the Astros signing Loux, and whether or not Loux would want to sign with the Astros, I was reminded of a couple of comments made by Jordan Lyles and J.B. Shuck during my interviews with them. Specifically, we were discussing how proactive the Astros have been over the last couple of seasons in moving young players quickly through the minor league system, and what it meant to them as players.

While Shuck spoke more about what it has meant to him personally to have had the opportunity to progress through the system rapidly, Lyles addressed what it means to new players coming into the system.

Shuck: “[Knowing that you will have an opportunity to progress rapidly through the system] means a lot. It gives you that hope that you’re not just going to sit in the minors. [The Astros] want to kind of move you up quickly and see if you can adjust at each level and succeed at each level. Hopefully I can keep showing that I can hit, and prove to them I can play, and hopefully it works to get moved up to the next level…”

Lyles: “…I think another good, positive thing that comes out of [the Astros being proactive in promoting players quickly through the system] is other guys getting into the organization a little bit after us they look and me and Shuck and see that [we] did it so it kind of makes them prepare, try to work harder […] and move up as quickly as they can.”

While these comments were not directed at Loux, they seem potentially relevant to the situation he now finds himself in. During Ed Wade’s tenure with the Astros, the team has shown that players will have an opportunity to progress quickly through the system based upon their play. Not only are Shuck and Lyles examples of this, but so are folks like Daniel Meszaros, J.D. Martinez and Dallas Keuchel, to name a few.

I haven’t a clue where Loux will end up signing, but hope that he’ll consider the opportunities that players like Shuck and Lyles have had in the Astros system, and their comments regarding these opportunities, when deciding which team he will sign with. As Shuck noted, knowing players will have this opportunity in the organization “means a lot” and “gives you hope.”
Having the opportunity to potentially sign Barret Loux tomorrow should give Astros fans some hope as well!

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