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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Farmstros Hopes to Play some softball at MMP. Can you Help?

Once again this off-season, the Astros will be hosting a softball game involving media members who cover the team throughout the season. While according to the Astros Media Relations department participation in this game is limited to people with full-season credentials, this post is phase one of a campaign to land Farmstros on the field for the contest. Even more during the 2010 season, being a fan of the Astros meant being a fan of the Astros of the Future. Readers of this blog knew that from opening day through Labor Day, Farmstros was the place to go to find information on players in the pipeline to Minute Maid Park.

Having said this, I would appreciate any support you can give to me as I seek to build my case with the Astros, attempting to get invited to play in the game.

Please read my post, WILL THIS SWING MAKE IT TO MINUTE MAID PARK for more information on how to help with this campaign.

I appreciate your readership and your help on this matter.

Thanks for following the Astros of the Future with us.

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