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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sugarland Baseball? Sweet!!

Independent baseball is coming to Sugarland, Texas in April 2012. The song posted above was written in response to the team announcing its nickname this week: The Skeeters.

Nothing could be sweeter than to go to watch the Skeeters
On a starry Texas night
Gather up your family make your way to Sugarland and everything will be all right
Nothing could be sweeter than to go and watch the Skeeters
Flying to the field real soon
Gather up your friends then Make your way to Sugarland
And while you're driving, hum this tune

You can see the Bluefish and then maybe one and two fish
Or come out to see the Bears
Get your tickets now to see the Blue Crabs or the Ducks, we know
That you will have fun there

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