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Sunday, February 28, 2010

April 2010 Transactions

Fernando Abad, LHP placed on Corpus Christi's Disabled List

Wander Alvino, RHP promoted from Extended Spring Training to Lexington

Jonah Bayliss, RHP signed as a free agent and assigned to Round Rock

Yorman Bazardo, RHP outrighted off of Astros 40-man roster and assigned to Round Rock; placed on Round Rock's Inactive List

Steve Brown, OF released

T.J. Burton, RHP promoted from Corpus Christi to Round Rock

Jose Cisnero, RHP placed on Lexington's Inactive List

Phil Disher, 1B released

Russ Dixon, OF released

David Duncan, LHP placed on Lexington's Disabled List

Michael Garciaparra, IF sent from Round Rock to Corpus Christi

Matt Ginter, RHP released

Zach Grimmett, RHP promoted from Extended Spring Training to Lexington

Mike Hacker, LHP released

Chris Jackson, SS released

Jeremy Johnson, RHP added to Corpus Christi Disabled List; activated from Corpus Christ's Disabled List

Brian Kemp, OF added to the Lexington Disabled List

Wilton Lopez, RHP promoted from Round Rock to Houston; sent from Houston to Round Rock

Shane Loux, RHP added to Round Rock Disabled List

Scott Migl, RHP relesed

Mike Modica, LHP promoted from Extended Spring Training to Lexington

Dionel Montas, IF released

Oswaldo Navarro, IF activated from Round Rock's Disabled List

Nelson Payano, LHP signed as a free agent and assigned to Round Rock and consequently to Corpus Christi

Reinaldo Pestana, C released

Nate Pettus, RHP promoted from Extended Spring Training to Lexington; placed on Lexington's Disabled List

Philip Rummel, RHP released

Chris Salamida, LHP released

Wladimir Sutil, IF placed on Corpus Christi Disabled List

John Switzer, LHP released

Jack Tilghmann, RHP released

Brandt Walker, RHP placed on Lexington's Inactive List; activated from Lexington's Inactive List

Jared Wells, RHP sent from Round Rock to Corpus Christi

Matt Weston, 1B released

Lexington Legends Roster

Wander Alvino
Tanner Bushue
Jose Cisnero
Kirk Clark
Luis Cruz
Robert Donovan-Inactive
Brad Dydalewicz
Zach Grimmett
Arcenio Leon
Juan Minaya
Nate Pettus-Disabled List
Colton Pitkin
Daniel Sarisky-Disabled List
Jose Trinidad
Brandt Walker

Jordan Comadena
Rene Garcia

Jose Altuve
Miguel Arrendell
Aaron Bray
Kody Hinze
Jonathan Meyer
Jio Mier- Farmstros Pre-Season Position Player of the Year
Interview with Mier
Andrew Simunic

Jacob Goebbert
Grant Hogue
Brian Kemp
J.D. Martinez

Lancaster JetHawks Roster

David Berner
Leandro Cespedes
David Duncan
Kyle Godfrey
Kyle Greenwalt
Dallas Keuchel
Mike Modica
Ashton Mowdy
Michael Schurz
Ross Seaton
Patrick Urckfitz
Brian Wabick
Shane Wolf

John Curtis
Federico Hernandez

Albert Cartwright
Rayner Contreras
David Flores
Mark Ori
Ebert Rosario
Brandon Wikoff

Jay Austin
Brandon Barnes
Lee Cruz
Freddy Parejo

Corpus Christi Hooks Roster

Fernando Abad-Disabled List
Doug Arguello
T.J. Burton
Jeremy Johnson
Chia-jen Lo-Disabled List
Tyler Lumsden
Jordan Lyles- Farmstros Pre-Season Pitcher of the Year
Interview with Lyles
Danny Meszaros
Matt Nevarez-Disabled List
Nelson Payano
Jailen Peguero
Erik Stiller
Henry Villar
Edwin Walker
Jared Wells

Jon Fixler- Read the Fixler Files
Lou Santangelo
J.R. Towles-Disabled List

Barry Butera
Koby Clemens
German Duran
Jhon Florentino
Wladamir Sutil
James Van Ostrand

David Cook
Jon Gaston
Jack Shuck
T.J. Steele

Round Rock Express Roster

Erick Abreu
Josh Banks
Jonah Bayliss
Yorman Bazardo
Roy Corcoran
Evan Englebrook
Sam Gervacio-Disabled List
Billy Ray "Rojo" Johnson
Shane Loux
Gary Majewski
Sergio Perez
Brad Thompson
Polin Trinidad
Jose Valdez-Disabled List
Andy Van Hekken

Jason Castro
Brian Esposito

Marcos Cabral
Michael Garciaparra-Disabled List
Chris Johnson
Matt Kata
Edwin Maysonet
Drew Meyer
Oswaldo Navarro
Chris Shelton-Disabled List

Brian Bogusevic
Jason Bourgeois
Collin DeLome-Disabled List
Drew Locke
Yordany Ramirez

Friday, February 26, 2010

28 of Top 30 Prospects in Florida

With the opening of minor league mini-camp today in Kissimmee, 28 of the Astros' top 30 prospects (according to Baseball America) have reported to training camp. Out of the top 30, only right handed pitchers Prospect #19 Arcenio Leon and Prospect #28 Ashton Mowdy are not in Florida as part of the mini-camp, as a big league non roster invitee or as a member of the 40-man roster.

Minor League Mini-Campers

Thanks to Brian McTaggart who posted this information about the 37 Farmstros who are at mini-camp, which starts today.

The roster:

Doug Arguello
Brad Dydalewicz
Dallas Keuchel
Jon Switzer
Patrick Urckfitz

Tanner Bushue
Matt Ginter
Kyle Godfrey
Kyle Greenwalt
Chris Hicks
Jordan Lyles
Dan Meszaros
Juan Minaya
Sergio Perez
Ross Seaton
Brandt Walker

Luis Alvarez
Rene Garcia
Federico Hernandez
David "Bubby" Williams

Jose Altuve
Erik Castro
Koby Clemens
Phil Disher
Enrique Hernandez
Jonathan Meyer
Jiovanni Mier
Brandon Wikoff

Jay Austin
David Cook
Collin DeLome
Jonathan Gaston
Drew Locke
J.D. Martinez
Telvin Nash
J.B. Shuck
T.J. Steele

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Johnson to Round Rock

According to Brian McTaggart Third Baseman Chris Johnson will be starting the season at AAA Round Rock.

Minor League Mini-Camp starts Tomorrow

A reported 35 Farmstros will descend on Kissimmee tomorrow for Houston's minor league mini-camp. The camp leads up to March 5 when pitchers and catchers are to report to the back fields of Osceola County Stadium.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Article on Abad had this article on left-hander Fernando Abad.

Are any Farmstros Reading?

I am just curious as we close in on minor league spring training, if any Farmstros are Following the Astros of the Future with us? If you are out there in Beaumont, Michigan, Chicago or elsewhere getting ready to head to Kissimmee, please leave us a comment to let us know.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Baseball Prospectus Talks to Charlie Pallilo

Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus talked about the Astros including quite a bit about their farm system with Charlie Pallilo of Sports Talk 790 in Houston on Tuesday afternoon. Goldstein rates Jio Mier as the club's #1 prospect ahead of Jason Castro. The entire interview is available here. It is near the end of the second hour on February 23.

Castro chats with BA

Jason Castro chatted with Baseball America Tuesday afternoon.

Nationals Minor League Spring Training Schedule Announced

Since this is Farmstros where we Follow the ASTROS of the Future, it may seem irrelevant that the Nationals minor league spring schedule has been announced. However, Houston is one of the teams the Nationals affiliates are matched with during the Grapefruit League season. Washington is based in Viera in the Spring.

Based on the Nationals schedule, here is what we know about the Farmstros spring:

March 22- AA/AAA vs. Washington; A at Washington
March 25- AA/AAA at Washington; A vs. Washington
March 27- AA/AAA vs. Washington; A at Washington
April 2- AA/AAA vs. Washington; A at Washington

Minor League Spring Games begin at noon. (Florida time)

Levine, Honorary Farmstro for a Day

If I didn't know better, two articles in one day about minor league baseball would make me wonder if Zach Levine of the Houston Chronicle was secretly trying to become a part of the Farmstros staff. Sorry, Zach, just like so many Craig's List postings, there is no pay involved, but I CAN give you credit.

Astros Looking at other Triple AAA options after 2010.

Sugar Land Explores minor league baseball.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Castro Chats on BA Tuesday

Astros Catcher Jason Castro is scheduled to take part in a live chat at Baseball America Tuesday at 3 p.m. Houston time. The chat, featuring several top prospects, is taking place to promote the announcement of Baseball America's list of Top 100 Prospects.

Saccomanno Playing in Round Rock...for the Zephyrs

Longtime Round Rock Express first baseman Mark Saccomanno has signed with the Florida Marlins. Assuming Saccomanno ends up with New Orleans, Florida's AAA affiliate, he is scheduled to visit Dell Diamond twice, April 16-19 and July 19-22.

The Chronicle on the Rebuilding

With Spring Training kicking off, Fallas and Levine team up to post an article at THE HOUSTON CHRONICLE about the past, present, and potential future of the Astros farm system.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

No Offense to Ricky Bennett Intended

Ricky Bennett, the Astros VP of Player Development was kind enough to answer my questions about Lancaster and I fail to mention that his contract was extended through 2011 as well. Sorry about that Mr. Bennett

Heck on Board through 2011

Bobby Heck will have at least two more drafts for Houston. When Ed Wade had his contract extended through Bobby Heck, who heads up scouting for the Astros was extended through the 2011 season.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Express Chaplain in Haiti

Round Rock's team chaplain Allen Frans is taking part in relief efforts for Haiti. He is blogging about what he is doing.

Jason Castro on the Radio

Jason Castro is to be on Sports Talk 790 with Matt and Adam in Houston at the "Bottom of the Hour" (about 9:30 a.m. Houston time).

NOTE: Castro ended up getting bumped by Rockets General Manager Daryl(Sp?) Morey.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ricky Bennett on Lancaster (A Farmstros Exclusive)

In November, I sent a letter to Ricky Bennett, Houston's Director of Player Development. My questions to him centered around player development in Lancaster, specifically if the club does anything differently with players because of Lancaster's hitter-friendly ballpark. I was pleasantly surprised this week when I received Bennett's reply to my questions via Sally Gunter in the Media Relations Department.

Here is a synopsis of what Ricky Bennett had to say:

The most informative answer concerned how the team deals with pitchers in that environment. I have often wondered how they will decide where to send Lyles, Seaton and others on April 8. According to Bennett, the biggest factor for pitchers is not the numbers they put up. It is their ability to control their fastball down on both sides of the plate. In addition, it is important for them to throw their second and third pitches for strikes consistently.

In regards to Lyles, Seaton and others who were in Lexington in 2009 and may have Lancaster in their near future, Bennett indicated that some consideration may be given to the ballpark, but not much. "We can do more harm with our pitchers if we send them to AA before they are ready as opposed to sending them to Lancaster because of ballpark size." He commented that a pitcher who locates their fastball well will be fine in Lancaster.

Bennett also addressed the development of hitters in California. "We focus on the individual's approach more than anything else." I specifically asked about players who put up big power numbers in Lancaster. Bennett said power numbers don't "change our focus or thought process when it comes to teaching and getting a player to make adjustments offensively."

My thanks to Mr. Bennett for his cooperation and to the Astros Media Relations Department for their assistance.

Farmstros Opens for Astroline?

I was on the Astros' radio station here in Houston (KTRH) Wednesday night directly before Astroline, which is the team's hot stove radio show. In truth, my appearance had nothing to do with Farmstros or baseball at all. I wrote a song to accompany a resume which I sent to KTRH as part of a bid for a traffic reporter position. I didn't get the job, but the song was a hit, so much so that it was played on one of the station's shows Wednesday night. KTRH's web reporter Michelle Merhar put together a great slide show to go with the song and the final package has been posted on the station's blog. You can view the finished product here.

The Fixler Files

The Entire Collection

Farewell Edition- May 24, 2011

April 1 from Kissimmee, Florida

March 13 from Kissimmee, Florida

March 9 from Kissimmee, Florida

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Farmstros e-Newsletter Coming March 31

Farmstros is planning to distribute a weekly e-newsletter during the 2010 season beginning March 31. The newsletter will include the first release of THE FARMSTROS FIVE, highlights from the week, an update on THE QUEST FOR 3000 SYLLABLES, and two things to look for in the next week within the system.

If you are interested in receiving THE FARMSTROS e-NEWSLETTER, please forward your email address and your city and state (optional) to

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Austin and Steele likely to Advance

Zach Levine at "The Chronicle" is cranking up the minor league coverage again. In Tuesday's post, he mentions that T.J. Steele and Jay Austin will move up a level in 2010 (to Corpus and Lancaster respectively) despite missing a major chunk of 2009 with hamstring issue. Levine also reports that Matt Nevarez may skip Lancaster and go straigth to Corpus Christi.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Would You Like a Shirt with that?

Now, you can let everyone know that you are ready for THE QUEST FOR 3000 SYLLABLES by wearing your Farmstros' Quest for 3000 Syllables shirt. It's available here through Cafe Press. If anyone takes a picture of the shirt at a sporting event and sends it to Farmstros, Farmstros will send you a free gift.

Wolf Finds Love in the Bleachers

The Lancaster JetHawks website reports that LHP Shane Wolf is recently engaged to a young woman he met at the stadium. Wolf met his future bride while playing for Lancaster in 2009.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Van Ostrand Carries the Torch

Farmstro Jimmy Van Ostrand, who has represented Canada in numerous international baseball competitions, was honored with a chance to carry the Olympic torch on its way to Friday night's opening ceremony in Vancouver. Van Ostrand spent last season in Corpus Christi, and will likely play in Round Rock this season.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Future Farmstros already Playing in the Backyard?

The Astros will likely break Spring Training with five players who have Houston-area ties on their Opening Day roster. (Byrdak and Berkman-Rice; Bourn-Aldine and UofH; Towles-Crosby HS; Sampson- Channelview HS)

The Astros also have two top prospects (Ross Seaton and Koby Clemens) who are products of Houston-area high schools. This collection of Houston-based talent in the system along with the large number of prospects throughout the league from the Bayou City make me wonder what potential Farmstros are currently playing on the ball fields in the shadow of Minute Maid Park.

NOTE: Baseball America's Prospect Handbook rates this top 31 prospects from each Major League franchise. These lists include 26 players with Houston connections.

Three Houston area high school players are rated in the top 50 by Baseball America as the season begins. #48 is LaPorte outfielder Kendrick Perkins. Perkins is committed to play at Texas A&M in 2011. Meanwhile, two high school arms from The Woodlands are worth watching. Jameson Taillon, RHP from The Woodlands High School is rated #1 in the nation. John Simms, RHP from College Park High School, also in The Woodlands, is rated #40.

If you are planning some high school baseball watching The Woodlands and College Park will face off three times this spring during the regular season: March 16 @The Woodlands HS (7:00); March 30 @College Park HS (7:00); and April 1 @ The Woodlands (7:00).

Meanwhile on the collegiate level, Rick Hague, Rice's Junior Shortstop, is rated as the 10th best draft eligible collegian heading into the season. Looking a little further into the future, Owls sophomore Third Baseman Anthony Rendon is on many All-American lists and should be highly rated as the 2011 Draft approaches.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

JetHawks release Promotional Schedule

Lancaster, the Astros High A affiliate, has released their promotional schedule for the 2010 season.

Perhaps this Trio Will be Farmstros after all?

With college baseball starting this month, it is interesting that the three top draft picks that Houston failed to sign after the 2007 draft are highly rated as college players heading into their junior years, and should go early in the 2010 draft.

Derek Dietrich, drafted in the 1st Round by Houston in 2007 is a 3B/SS at Georgia Tech. He is rated 38th among draft eligible collegians by Baseball America.
Brett Eibner, drafted in the 2nd Round in 2007, is a RHP/OF at Arkansas. He is rated 19th.
Chad Bettis, drafted in the 8th Round in 2007, is a RHP at Texas Tech. He is rated 14th.

Looking Ahead to June

Here's a link to Andy Seiler's preview of the Astros 2010 draft and Bobby Heck's office.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Express to Host Fundraiser to aid Haitian Relief Efforts

The Round Rock Express are hosting a dinner and silent auction on Thursday, February 11 at Dell Diamond to raise funds for Haitian Relief.

Vallejo Out for 2010

Jose Vallejo is scheduled to have surgery to repair severed tendons in the fourth and fifth fingers on his right hand. He suffered the injury while preparing dinner at his home over the Christmas holidays. Reports indicate that he will miss most of the 2010 season.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Perez out for 2010 Season

Juri Perez pitched well enough for Greeneville in 2009 that Baseball America named him the 10th best prospect in the Appalachian League. However, the 19-year old right-hander blew out his arm in Houston's 2009 Fall Instructional camp and will miss the entire 2010 season after undergoing Tommy John surgery. Perez had a 2.79 ERA in 52 innings recording 60 strikeouts. He is listed as the Astros #31 prospect by Baseball America in their recently released Prospect Handbook.

Garcia has Four Scoreless Outings for Venezuela

Farmstro left-hander Gabriel Garcia finished the Caribbean Series, which wrapped up Sunday, with four scoreless relief outings for the Venezuelan team. Garcia spent an unimpressive year with Greeneville in 2009 before being suspended for breaking the Major League substance abuse policy. He pitched 3 1/3 innings and allowed three hits in his four Caribbean Series appearances.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Manzella an Impact Maker?

Here's a link to an article in Sporting News in which Tommy Manzella is listed as a possible rookie impact maker.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hooks Profile Three C's

The Corpus Christi Hooks' website continues profiling Farmstros of note. This time they are focused on the letter "C" with a look at IF Marcos Cabral, RHP Leandro Cespedes, and 1B (?) Koby Clemens.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Astros Sign First Baseman from Nicaragua

Astros County passes on information that the Astros have signed 18-year first baseman Mesac Laguna from Nicaragua.

Farmstro in the Caribbean Series

Gabriel Garcia, LHP pitched one inning for Venezuela in Tuesday's Caribbean Series game against Mexico. Garcia, the only Houston-affiliated player participating in the Series, pitched a scoreless, hitless ninth inning in a game that Venezuela lost 7-2. Garcia, 20, spent part of the 2009 season with Greeneville before being suspended 50 games for breaking baseball's substance abuse policy.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Few Links courtesy of Astros County

Thanks to Astros County for these links...

Gustavo Chacin is listed as a possible non-roster invitee who may become indispensable.

The Lexington Legends are giving money from tickets sold to their April 18 to aid relief efforts in Haiti.

B.J. Hagen, recently signed by the Astros is a Bum no more.

Farmstros Goods


Quest for 3000 Syllables Shirt

Farmstros Magnet

"Boys of Summer" Revisited

Back in December, I posted some information here about a documentary called "Boys of Summer". This movie chronicles a 20,000 plus mile journey that Robert Cochrane made with his father, Dan Cochrane in the summer of 2004. The father and son traveled to, and saw a baseball game in all 30 Major League parks. The purpose of the documentary is to spread awareness about and raise money to fund research to combat Parkinson's Disease, an illness with which Dan Cochrane has been diagnosed.

I gave the video to my parents as a Christmas present. (They like baseball almost as much as I do) The baseball aspect of the movie was interesting, but even more intriguing was the view it gives of life with Parkinson's Disease. My mom especially liked this aspect as she gives regular care to my Grandma, who is a Pakinsonian.

Copies of the DVD can be purchased here for $25.

A CORRECTION: My previous post about this documentary indicated that all proceeds from this movie would go the Michael J. Fox Foundation. After reexamining the notes for the movie, I see that "A minimum of 50% of the proceeds from Robert's sale of this film will be donated to the Michael J. Fox Foundation."

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hooks, Express to Showdown twice in April

Corpus Christi and Round Rock will square off in a home-and-home exhibition series as a final tune-up for the 2010 season. The clubs will play on Tuesday, April 6 at 6 p.m. in Corpus Christi. They will meet again the next day at 2 p.m. in Round Rock. Both clubs begin their regular seasons on Thursday, April 8. Round Rock is at New Orleans and Corpus Christi will be at Tulsa.

2010 Round Rock Express Team Capsule

Official Express Website

Home Stadium: Dell Diamond

Flagship Radio Station: ESPN 104.9 KTXX

Play-by-Play Announcer: Mike Capps

Manager: Marc Bombard returns for his second year as the Express skipper.

Five Prospects in Round Rock:
Brian Bogusevic, OF
Collin DeLome, OF
Drew Locke,OF
Jordan Lyles, RHP
J.B. Shuck-OF

Five Top Promotions at Dell Diamond:
May 3- Souvenir Posters
May 22- Lance Berkman Bobblehead Dolls
June 5- Team Card Sets
July 21- Express T-shirts
September 4- Shirt-off-the back night

Five things to do before or after the game:
6th Street
Barton Springs
Zilker Park
LBJ Library on UT campus
Texas State Capitol

Please visit Mt. Olive Lutheran Church


2010 Lancaster JetHawks Team Capsule

Official JetHawks Website

Home Stadium: Clear Channel Stadium

Flagship Radio Station: News Talk 1380

Source for Game Audio: JetHawk games are available both live and as a podcast at

Play-by-Play Announcer: Jeff Lasky

Manager: Tom Lawless moves up to Lancaster after spending last season in Lexington

Five Prospects in Lancaster:
Jose Altuve, 2B
Jay Austin, OF
Robert Donovan, RHP
Ross Seaton, RHP
Jonathan Villar, SS

Five Top Promotions:
April 17- 15th Season Anniversary Blankets (2010 is the 15th Anniversary season for Lancaster baseball.)
May 8- Baseball Hats
May 21- Koby Clemens Bobblehead Dolls
July 17- Recycled Content T-shirts
September 5- Team Posters

Five things to do before or after the game:
California Poppy Reserve
Movie Sets(Desert scenes for movies are often shot in the Lancaster area. Some of the sets for these movies can be seen.)
Watch Brad Ausmus play for the Dodgers(Dodger Stadium is 45 minutes from Clear Channel Field)
Disneyland(1.5 hours from Lancaster)
Edwards Air Force Base Test Pilot Museum


Corpus Christi Looking Forward to the Season

Joel Roza of the Corpus Christi Caller-Times is looking ahead to the 2010 Hooks season.

2010 Lexington Legends Team Capsule

Official Legends Website

Home Stadium:Applebee's Park

Flagship Radio Station:ESPN 1300 WLXG

Play-by-play announcer: Keith Elkins

Manager: Rodney Linares returns to Lexington after three seasons as manager of short-season Greeneville. Linares was Lexington's batting coach in 2005-06.

Five Prospects who will likely be in Lexington...
Tanner Bushue, RHP
Kirk Clark, RHP
Jacob Goebbert, OF
Jonathan Meyer, 3B
Jio Mier, SS

Five Top Promotions:
May 7- Sponge Bob Squarepants comes to Applebee's Park
June 12- Barney Fife comes to Applebee's Park
June 28- Day Camp Day/Splash Day
August 19- Ty Cobb Night
September 4- Shirt-off-the-Back Night

Five things to do before/after the game:
Keeneland Race Course
Aviation Museum of Kentucky
Explorium of Lexington
Ashland, The Henry Clay Estate
Kentucky BorbounTrail


2010 Corpus Christi Hooks Team Capsule

Official Hooks Website

Home Stadium: Whataburger Field

Flagship Radio Station: 1360 KKTX

Play-by-Play Announcer: Matt Hicks

Manager: Wes Clements moves up a level after spending 2009 in Lancaster.

Five Prospects in Corpus Christi:
Koby Clemens, 1B
Jon Gaston, OF
Dallas Keuchel, LHP
J.D. Martinez, OF
Henry Villar, RHP

Five Top Promotions:
May 2- Hooks Kids Gloves
June 16- Hooks Patriotic Jerseys
June 26- Nolan Ryan Bobble Head Dolls
July 21- Hooks Umbrellas
September 5- Shirt-off-the-Back Night

Five things to do before or after the game:
USS Lexington
South Padre Island
Texas State Aquarium
Columbus' Ships at the Museum of Science and History
Sharks arena football through July

Please visit Lord of Life Lutheran Church.


2010 Spring Training Transactions

Fernando Abad, LHP optioned to Corpus Christi (March)

Josh Banks, RHP reassigned to minor league camp (March)

Sean Barksdale, OF released (March)

Brian Bogusevic, OF optioned to Round Rock (March)

Jason Bourgeois, OF reassigned to minor league camp (March)

Kevin Cash, C reassigned to minor league camp (March)

Jason Castro, C reassigned to minor league camp (March)

Gustavo Chacin, LHP reassigned to minor league camp (March)

Roy Corcoran, RHP reassigned to minor league camp (March)

Craig Corrado, IF released (March)

Casey Daigle, RHP reassigned to minor league camp (March)

Michael Diaz, IF released

Evan Englebrook , RHP optioned to Round Rock (March)

Brian Esposito, C reassigned to minor league camp (March)

Michael Garciaparra, IF signed to a minor league contract (March)

Bryan Hallberg, RHP released (March)

Jarred Holloway, LHP released (March)

Casey Hudspeth, RHP released (March)

Spencer Hylander, LHP released (March)

Matt Kata, IF signed to a minor league contract (March)

Chia-jen Lo, RHP reassigned to minor league camp (March)

Wilton Lopez, RHP optioned to Round Rock (March)

Shane Loux, RHP reassigned to minor league camp (March)

Gary Majewksi, RHP reassigned to minor league camp (March)

Edwin Maysonet, IF optioned to Round Rock (March)

Drew Meyer, IF reassigned to minor league camp (March)

Oswaldo Navarro, IF reassigned to minor league camp (March)

Matt Nevarez, RHP optioned to Lancaster (March)

Antonio Noguera, LHP released

Ben Paxton, RHP released (March)

Jordan Powell, RHP released (March)

Jacob Priday, DH/1B reinstated from the Inactive List (March); released (March)

Yordany Ramirez, OF optioned to Round Rock (March)

Kirkland Rivers, LHP released (March)

Alex Romero, OF released (March)

Lou Santangelo, C reassigned to minor league camp (March)

Chris Shelton, IF reassigned to minor league camp (March)

Gabe Suarez, IF released (March)

Cory Sullivan, OF contract purchased and added to active roster (April)

Wladimir Sutil, IF optioned to Round Rock (March)

Polin Trinidad, LHP optioned to Round Rock (March)

Jose Valdez, RHP optioned to Round Rock (March)

Jose Vallejo, IF outrighted to Round Rock and removed from 40-man roster (March)

Henry Villar, RHP optioned to Lancaster (March)

Wesley Wright, LHP optioned to Round Rock (March)