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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rosters are Set for now

First of all, thanks to the Farmstros Village (You know who you are) who helped fill up 60 of 98 roster spots. This morning Brian McTaggart at posted the affiliates' official rosters.

A few notes: It appears Farmstros missed on Andy Van Hekken as he is not on the OKC roster. McTaggart has an extra player listed for Corpus Christi and Lexington, meaning someone is going to be inactive of disabled. Farmstros has Jordan Comadena listed on the Lancaster roster, and McTaggart's JetHawk roster is one short, so we will see what happens with Funky Comadena. Finally, I have heard Enrique (Kike) Hernandez is playing OF in Lexington, instead of IF. I'll let the box scores roll in to figure that one out.

Thanks again to everyone who helped solve the puzzle as we get ready for the season.

A NOTE: Word is that Andy Van Hekken is with the club in OKC. If he stays, someone will have to be disabled or inactive.

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