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Friday, July 15, 2011

JetHawks First in Line for Harry Potter

Many thanks to Lancaster closer Kirk Clark for filling us in on some of the JetHawks' trip to take in a midnight showing of the final Harry Potter movie late Thursday/early Friday in Lancaster.

NOTE: JetHawks third baseman David Flores apparently didn't make it to the Harry Potter screening. However, he found a magic bat somewhere.

It all started when Robert Donovan, Mike Ness, Andrew Robinson, Robert Doran and myself decided to go reserve tickets. After the commute from High Desert we showered and walked over a few hours early so we could get good seats. We all have been preparing for this movie by reading some of the book the last few months and re-watching the earlier movies. The crowd cheered once the movie started, after that it was silence as if you could hear a pen drop. The movie picked up where it left off in part one. With quite a few twists and turns that some would never think of. (Unless you read the books, of course.) All in all it was a phenominal movie, and a great ending that gives you chills even if your just an ok i might as well see it, cause i've seen all the rest of 'em in person.

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