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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jim Crane: My kingdom for a HOLE EXPERT!

The first part of my conversation with John Manuel, Editor-in-Chief of Baseball America(posted above) reminds me of the episode of 3rd Rock from the Sun where Dick and Harry Solomon fall in a hole. In that episode, Dick unwittingly falls into a hole, which leads to Harry asking him, "How long you gonna be down there." Not surprisingly, Harry's attempt to get help for Dick ends when he too falls into the hole.

I originally planned to talk to Manuel about the upcoming Rule 5 draft(audio on that topic will be coming soon). However, since the recent changes in the Astros front office are a hot topic, I asked Baseball America's Editor-in-Chief for his take on what the moves mean to the future of the Astros. You can listen to his repsonse above. Take fair warning, there is some discussion about holes, digging yourself in a hole, deep holes, and the substantial amount of climbing out of holes that still remains for the Houston organization.

After talking to Manuel, I think it is safe to conclude that rather than a new General Manager, Jim Crane might be well-advised to look for a HOLE EXPERT. If you have interest in applying for that position take note that "A hole expert is the man who reaches down into God's caverns and plucks out what lives and breathes and ought not to be there."

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