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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Legends' Fans may Need a Little Extra Gas Money to see the Astros in 2013

Boosters of the Lexington baseball team will need to budget some extra funds for travel if they want to go see any former Legends playing in the major leagues for the Astros in 2013. Legends' new General Manager Seth Poteat pointed out that with the Astros in the National League, it is convenient for their fans to make the short trek to Cincinnati when Houston is in town to take on the Reds. Cincinnati is less than 100 miles from the home of the Astros' Low A affiliate in Kentucky.

This tradition is most common among the team's booster club members and fans who serve as host families for players. A small portion of these Legends' faithful keep in touch with players as they advance through the minor leagues, and enjoy traveling to see them play with a star on their caps. Such reunions will be less economical once the Astros move to the Junior Circuit. The three closest American League cities to Lexington are Cleveland(333 miles), Detroit(347 miles), and Chicago(370 miles). Arlington will be the Astros' closest division rival to Lexington after the realignment at nearly 900 miles.

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