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Friday, November 18, 2011

Unlikely Re-alignment Winner- Lee Street

None of the voices in cyberspace has been more disppointed about the Astros upcoming move to the American League than Texas native and Portland, Oregon resident, Lee Street. Street, who is also known as StreetJL and OregonStrosFan in various locations, grew up in Texas and fondly remembers watching Nolan Ryan and yelling "Jose Cruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuz" as a youngster at the Astrodome. However, he has been in an Astro vacuum since moving to the Great Northwest of Portland in 1994. Fortunately for Street, Astros baseball will be in his neighborhood more regularly starting in 2013.

Since Street has been in Portland, the Astros have made only one visit to Seattle(a 3 game series in 2004), so Street has been forced to travel to San Francisco and Phoenix to catch up with his hometown team. With the Astros move to the AL West, Street will need only to take a 2.5 hour trip up the Pacific Coast to watch the Astros in person as many as nine times a season.

While the harsh reality of the move still stings for Street, he admits that he will benefit from the geographical ramifications of this realignment. He already has plans to be the only person at Safeco Field with an Astros jersey on in 2013. However, in spite of being an unlikely beneficiary of the latest machinations of major league baseball, Street insists that " I will always passionately despise Bud Selig for as long as I live."

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