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Friday, November 4, 2011

What will I do without Andy Van Hekken and Drew Locke?

For me, at least two unwelcome names are on the list of Astros minor league free agents.

Andy Van Hekken has been a part of the Astros' organization for more than three seasons. He was a regular on this blog during the 2011. His stellar performance in AAA and as a representative of Team USA in October were attention getting. When Van Hekken finally makes it back to the major leagues(after more than nine seasons), the Farmstros Village will cheer whether he is an Astro or not.

Drew Locke was brave enough to share his spring training experience on this blog in March 2011. LOCKED IN WITH DREW helped get the 2011 season off to a great start. After three seasons with the Astros' organization, it appears Drew will be moving on.

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