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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How Would Koby Clemens Look in a Skeeters' Uniform?

The Sugarland Skeeters, who are bringing AL (Atlantic League) baseball to the Houston area a year ahead of the Astros, are planning to reveal "the newest additions to the team" on or after December 22 if they get 3000 followers on Facebook by that time.

This may be an opporunity for the Skeeters to announce the signing of a few "big name" free agents for their inaugural season in 2012(including maybe a few players who were in the Astros' system in 2011?) . However, the likely scenario is that the Skeeters are making an online push to sell a few jerseys to last-minute Christmas shoppers.

A third option? they are doing both. I wonder what affect a press conference with Santa Claus and the newest Skeeter, Koby Clemens(who to date has reportedly not signed with anyone) would have on SugarLand's season ticket sales this Christmas season?

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