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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Follow the Texans' Opponents of the Future(2012) with Us

As New Years' Day comes to a close, the Texans know they are playing Cincinnati in the first round of the play-offs Saturday afternoon at Reliant Stadium. Before I take off my football helmet and steer this blog back to the ballparks where it belongs, here is a quick look at who the Texans will be playing in the Fall when the Astros are wrapping up their final season in the National League and preparing for 2013, their first season in the National League.

Texans' 2012 Home Opponents:
Indianapolis Colts
Jacksonville Jaguars
Tennessee Titans
Buffalo Bills
Miami Dolphins
Baltimore Ravens
Green Bay Packers
Minnesota Vikings

Texans' 2012 Road Opponents:
Indianapolis Colts
Jacksonsville Jaguars
Tennessee Titans
New England Patriots
New York Jets
Denver Broncos
Chicago Bears
Detroit Lions

In 2012, the Texans are scheduled to play five games against 2011 play-off teams: Green Bay, Detroit, New England, Baltimore and Denver. Their 2012 opponents had a cumulative record of two games over .500. This is partly due to the fact that they play the 2 and 14 Colts and the 5 and 11 Jaguars twice each. They will also face the 3 and 13 Vikings in 2012. Their other 11 opponents(including the 15 and 1 Packers) were a combined 30 games over .500.

A Thanksgiving Day Game for the Texans? The Lions and Cowboys play against an AFC opponent on Thanksgiving in alternating years. 2012 is the Lions' year to host the AFC on Turkey Day(November 22). The Lions are scheduled to host the Texans and the Colts from the AFC South in 2012.

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