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Sunday, February 26, 2012

A few thoughts about Sunday's Live Chat

Wanted to share a few things with the Village before Sunday night's Live Chat.

This is my first time moderating a chat like this, so my main focus will be on making sure it flows smoothly and staying out of the way. (I'm assuming you are coming to the chat to hear from the GM instead of me anyway.) I am confident that you will bring a surplus of good questions for Mr. Luhnow during the time he participates.

If you can't participate during the live chat, I am willing to entertain your questions via Twitter or email. I will do my best to get them into the conversation. However, I will lean towards including the questions from live chatters.

This is Farmstros, so, of course, I will be giving priority to questions about the farm system.

Please note that I did ask the GM to let me know if there are any topics he wishes not to discuss. I have not heard back on that issue, but I plan to respect any such requests from him in moderating the chat.


Brian West said...

I have a question for Jeff ...

Dos he think that improved "player development" can help some of Heck's former high round draft picks become prospects again?

I am referring to Kvasnicka, Seaton, and Mier.

farmstros said...

Thanks for the question, Brian. I will put it on my list.