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Friday, March 9, 2012

Extended Spring Training

Miles Hamblin, C

Jack Armstrong, Jr., RHP
Kyle Hallock, LHP
Chia-jen Lo, RHP


MILBFan said...

Juan Minaya?

farmstros said...

I wondered about Minaya myself. I'm trying to track down this information.

MILBFan said...

He is a great kid. He needs a little more attitude on the mound.

MsClay said...

Minaya is in Lancaster

farmstros said...

A pretty solid source is telling me Minaya is in Extended Spring.

mancub said...

Where is Vincent Velasquez P?

What is the word surrounding him? What can does the club expect from him this year?

farmstros said...

I think Velasquez is still in Florida in Extended Spring Training. He didn't play at all last year, so I guess he is building arm strength. I'd guess there are trying to figure out if he can stay healthy.