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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lexington Legends

Luis Cruz
Dayan Diaz
Jonas Dufek
Mike Foltynewicz
Gabriel Garcia
Murilo Gouvea
Evan Grills
Mitchell Lambson
Chia-jen Lo-Disabled
Luis Ordosgoitti
Juri Perez
Nate Pettus
Eruis Quezada
Tommy Shirley

Luis Alvarez
Michael Kvasnicka
Ryan McCurdy

Delino DeShields, Jr.
Matt Duffy
Jose Fernandez
Nolan Fontana
John Hinson-Disabled
Zach Johnson
Ruben Sosa

Jay Austin
Justin Gominsky
Brandon Meredith
Jordan Scott


Clinton said...

Can't be 100 percent sure about this, but supposedly RHP Vincent Velasquez is coming to Lexington, to start the year. Haven't seen a weblink or news bit about it, but that's coming from Vince himself. I'll follow up on this.

Larry McCoy said...

I watched the A level (Lexington/Lancaster) group practice most mornings while I was in Kissimmee. Talked with several players and while placements change as players slide down as more playres leave major league camp, injuries occur requiring extended spring placements... these players are very likely to be in Lexington:

Jack Armstrong, pitcher
Chase Davidson, INF
Delino Deshields JR (he is sure he will start the season in Lexington)
Chris Epps, OF
Miles Hamblin, C
Adrian Houser, P
Neiko Johnson, IF/OF (will be first University of Kentucky player to play in Lexington)
Zach Johnson, IF
Mike Kvasnicka, C
Chris Lee, P
Juri Perez, P
Jordan Scott, OF
Tom Shirley, P
Alex Todd, IF
Rafael Valenzuela, IF
Vincent Velasquez P(if tenderness and pain in elbow does not require extended spring training)


Carlos Quevedo is very likely to be in Lancaster Jethawks team or in class AA. I love watching the way he attacks hitters, and he’s been very successful with it so far. Also he is a man of control, with a very good bb/k rate. I don`t understand why he figures in lexington roster

bigwheel said...

Kvasnicka Lexington C is really struggling. I sense a demotion soon

farmstros said...

Is he struggling behind the plate? at the plate? or both? I know his batting average is poor.