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Saturday, May 19, 2012

DSL Astros Comenzara in dos semanas

The Astros entry in the Dominican Summer League begins play two weeks from today.  Home games will be played at the team's academy in the Dominican Republic.  The DSL Astros will be competing in the Boca Chica Northwest Division this season. All games are schedule to begin at 9:30 am(Minute Maid Park time).

June 2- vs. DSL Mariners
June 4- at DSL Mariners
June 5- at DSL Cardinals
June 6- vs. DSL Cardinals
June 7- vs. DSL Royals
June 8- at DSL Royals
June 9- vs. DSL Dodgers
June 11- at DSL Dodgers
June 12- vs. DSL Rays
June 13- at DSL Rays
June 14- vs. DSL Indians
June 15- at DSL Indians
June 16- at DSL Athletics
June 18- vs. DSL Athletics
June 19- vs. DSL Mariners
June 20- at DSL Mariners
June 21- at DSL Cardinals
June 22- vs. DSL Cardinals
June 23- vs. DSL Royals
June 25- at DSL Royals
June 26- at DSL Dodgers
June 27- vs. DSL Dodgers
June 28- vs. DSL Rays
June 29- at DSL Rays
June 30- vs. DSL Indians
July 2- at DSL Indians
July 3- at DSL Athletics
July 4- at DSL Athletics
July 5- vs. DSL Mariners
July 6- at DSL Mariners
July 7- at DSL Cardinals
July 9- vs. DSL Cardinals
July 10- vs DSL Royals
July 11- at DSL Royals
July 12- at DSL Dodgers
July 13- vs. DSL Dodgers

July 15- DSL All-Star Game

July 16- vs. DSL Rays
July 17- at DSL Rays
July 18- vs. DSL Indians
July 19- at DSL Indians
July 20- at DSL Athletics
July 21- vs. DSL Athletics
July 23- vs. DSL Mariners
July 24- at DSL Mariners
July 25- at DSL Cardinals
July 26- vs. DSL Cardinals
July 27- vs. DSL Royals
July 28- at DSL Royals
July 30- at DSL Dodgers
July 31- vs. DSL Dodgers
August 1- vs. DSL Rays
August 2- at DSL Rays
August 3- vs. DSL Indians
August 4- at DSL Indians
August 6- at DSL Athletics
August 7- vs. DSL Athletics
August 8- vs. DSL Mariners
August 9- at DSL Mariners
August 10- at DSL Cardinals
August 11- vs. DSL Cardinals
August 13- vs. DSL Royals
August 14- at DSL Royals
August 15- at DSL Dodgers
August 16- vs. DSL Dodgers
August 17- vs. DSL Rays
August 18- at DSL Rays
August 20- vs. DSL Indians
August 21- at DSL Indians
August 22- at DSL Athletics
August 23- vs. DSL Athletics
August 24- vs. DSL Mariners
August 25- at DSL Mariners

August 27- Play-offs begin

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