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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Introducing the Official Online Chocolate Covered Strawberry Provider of the Farmstros Village

As a rule, I don't endorse products on this blog. However, I had such an amazing customer service experience with Shari's Berries, that I feel compelled to tell the Farmstros Village about it.

I was at my parents' home this morning taking care of some lawn work.  They are scheduled to return this weekend.  While I was there, the UPS man delivered a package of regrigerated goods from Shari's Berries(see above).  Unfortunately, the chocolate-covered strawberries were not going to remain fresh until my parents return date, so I called the toll-free number to ask Shari's Berries about my dilemma.

The customer service agent did not even hesitate when I explained my situation.  She told me to take the box delivered today home and enjoy it(you bet my family will), and Shari's Berries would send another of the same order to my parents, after they are back home at no cost.

If I had a Farmstros Five for Customer Service, Shari's Berries would definitely be on it.  Since I don't, I'll just name Shari's Berries the official Online Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Provider of the Farmstros Village.

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