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Friday, May 25, 2012

That'll Teach Me Not to Read Every Sentence Zach Levine Writes

There I was assuming that Jordan Lyles couldn't get called back up on May 28 to pitch in the Astros/Rockies double header because he would not have been in AAA for the necessary 10 days since being sent down.  Yet, if I had read this post from Zach Levine on May 20, I would have known that Lyles will be exempt from that restriction because of the new major league rule allowing teams to have one extra player on their roster for a doubleheader.  That extra player is free of the 10-day restriction.

What can I say? I missed the words of Levine at my own peril.  Needless to say the "other" button in the survey about who will be promoted to pitch just became a much more attractive option.

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