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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kudos to whoever made this Switch

I was sincerely impressed when I found out the following information that affects Astros' fans of the future, so I share it with my readers.

Tuesday night students whose schools participate in the Astros Perfect Attendance promotion were able to turn their perfect attendance into two free tickets to the Houston/Kansas City game at Minute Maid Park.  This is the third of four dates students who had perfect attendance could choose from this season.  It was impressive to me that all four of the dates that are options are not on school nights this year.  In previous seasons, when my children received this award, at least two of the four options were on school nights.  It seemed contradictory to me that the Astros rewarded kids with the chance to go to a game that would conflict with going to school the next day.   For what it is worth, a big thumbs up from this desk to whoever made the decision on this change.

An added bonus: The Astros also have free ticket programs for Honor Roll students in secondary schools and Summer Readers through local libraries.  These tickets are all available on non-school nights as well.

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