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Friday, June 22, 2012

One More Reason to Listen to Jason Schwartz and the JetHawks

In case listening to a second-half play-off chase(after a shared first-half title) and hearing 2011 first round pick George Springer play isn't enough motivation to listen to the 2012 Lancaster JetHawks for the next few months, there is one more practical reason to tune in to Jason Schwartz as he calls the JetHawks' games.  Preparation for 2013 when the big league club will be playing many more games in the Pacific time zone.

The Astros only have eight games beginning after 9 PM(Minute Maid Park time) on the 2012 schedule.  However, when they move to the AL West in 2013, a schedule similar to the Rangers' 2012 slate is likely. Texas has 19 games this season that begin after 9 pm(MMPT).

Fortunately, Schwartz and the JetHawks provide ample opportunities to ease the transition over the next two and one half months.  55 of the JetHawks' final 69 begin at 9 pm(MMPT) or later.

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