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Thursday, July 26, 2012

BDQ for the Masses?

After the recently completed Base Differential Quotient(BDQ) experiment, I'm not sure how insightful or innovative the statistic that I invented is.  I DO KNOW that the current format is not very friendly for the casual fan, who may want to track this statistic only every once in a while.  Computation of the statistic requires one to look at every box score thoroughly. 

In light of this fact, I have created a modified BDQ calculator.  This calculator uses a less thorough than the formula the one I used in the experiment.(It drops SF, SH, GIDP, Two-out RBI and Two-out LOB).  Further, I have ordered the statistics categories so that they match the order given on the player pages.  This should make it easier to input numbers to figure out a particular player's BDQ for a month, two months or a whole season.  (NOTE: You will need to separately calculate the number of singles.)

I think that even with these changes, the statistic still gives an idea of how successful an offensive player is at moving runners towards home plate.  Feel free to use the modified calculator and give me your feedback.

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