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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Has Anybody Seen the MMP Run Expectancy Board Lately?

About two months ago, The Crawfish Boxes posted some pictures of a new feature on the Minute Maid Park scoreboard: A Run Expectancy Board. I went to the Saturday Astros' game against Cleveland(June 23), and as far as I could tell, the feature is no longer part of the scoreboard. Its absence(or my inability to find it) didn't affect my enjoyment of the game. It's hard not to enjoy Dallas Keuchel pitching a complete game shutout in his MMP debut.

None the less, I was curious to see what part the Run Expectancy Board would play in the club's game presentation, and I was looking forward to experiencing this new statistic live for myself. However, as I left the park, I could only wonder what has become of it. If anyone can shed some light on my question I would appreciate it.

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