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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

JetHawks BDQ Experiment Update

With 10 days left in my BDQ(Base Displacement Quotient) analysis, and with the JetHawks having an off-day Tuesday, here are a few thoughts about the results of the statisticial experiment to this point.

The JetHawks have gone 9-10 in their 19 games since the All-Star Break with a team BDQ of .573.  George Springer leads the club with a BDQ of .840.  In more traditional offensive categories he is batting .423(30 for 71) with 10 extra-base hits and 15 RBI. On the negative side,Springer has 20 strikeouts, and he has left a team-high 15 runners on base with two outs during the last 19 games.

Other BDQ leaders for the JetHawks are Grant Hogue(.816), Kike Hernandez(.715), Erik Castro(.705), and Domingo Santana(.670).  The lowest scores for regulars are Jonathan Meyer's .343 and Rene Garcia's .233.

BDQ is intended to be a measure of how many bases up a given player moves himself and his teammates during the course of his team's at bats. This BDQ experiment is being conducted during 29 Lancaster JetHawks' games(June 21- July 20).

BDQ= ((Singles x 1.4) + (Doubles x 2.75) + (Triples x 3.25) + (Home Runs x 4.9) + (RBI x 0.2) + (Runs x 0.15) + walks/HBP + (Stolen Bases x 1.15) + (Sac Hits x 0.4)  + (Sac Flies x 0.35) + (2 out RBI x 0.5) - (Caught Stealing/pick-offs x 1.15) - (strikeouts x 0.6) - (GIDP x 1.1) -  (2 Out LOB x 0.2))/ Total Plate Appearances

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