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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Release of Chowning is a Head-Scratcher

I thought I was still sleeping and having a bizarre dream when I opened Twitter this morning and read that reliever Jason Chowning had been released. Yet, I pinched myself numerous times and the information was still there from numerous sources, including Chowning's own Twitter feed, the 2012 South Atlantic League All-Star and the Astros' organization had parted ways. (Chowning most recently was listed on the Lancaster Disabled List, so I assume that he was activated from the DL in order to be released.)

Granted Chowning had struggled quite a bit since being called up to Lancaster near the beginning of July. Further at 23, he is not young to be playing at the High A level.  However, I thought he might have bought himself a little bit of leeway with his stellar performance for Lexington during the first half of the season. At a bare minimum, I figured he might get a few chances to throw in a game after he returned from the DL.  Please feel free to join in the head scratching(if you feel so compelled) while you look at the numbers Chowning put up since the Astros drafted him in 2010.

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